Meet the hens

Life is all about variety, and here at Strande Farm we certainly have a lot of that! We use four different types of hen to ensure we get a real mix of eggs for our customers to enjoy. Meet the family to find out where your next eggs could come from!


Chestnut Ranger
An easy-to-manage hen which produces lovely eggs with a recognisable rich brown hue. These friendly chickens are a hybrid of the ever-popular Rhode Island Red, giving them a beautiful, glossy red plumage.


If you like your eggs to have an eye-catching blue shell, our stunning Skyline birds have just the thing. And with bold plumage, a fluffy hair-do and proud, upright tail, it's not just the eggs that stand out!


Pearl by name, pearl by nature – this pristine-looking hen lays a very distinctive white egg. They are closely tied to the well-known leghorn breed – as in, Warner Bros cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn!

Lohmann Hen.jpg

If you're looking for an inquisitive chicken, this wonderful hybrid is for you. With a rich, caramel-coloured plumage tinged with white, and a reputation for lovely eggs, this is a wonderful hen to have on our farm.