Our ethos

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When the sun rises over Strande Farm, I make my way across the fields to our chicken houses. I'll gently knock on the doors before opening them (I never like to barge in anyone's homes, let alone our hens!), and then I wag my finger at the hens and ask 'which one of you was up partying all night?'.

It may seem silly to some, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We want our hens to be happy, and that means treating them well and with respect.

That's why we give them six acres to run around and enjoy themselves during the day, and cosy, safe, secure hen houses to live in at night.

And that's also why we always look to re-home our hens when they retire from life on the farm. We all want to spend our post-work days lounging around enjoying ourselves, free from the hustle and bustle of the 9-5, and we don't think our hens should be any different.

It means our hens have a happy life, while you enjoy a better quality egg.

Top facts

  • We do free delivery in a 10 mile radius
  • Fresher than supermarket eggs
  • We try to re-home our hens
  • Every hen on the farm has a name
  • Sam speaks to the hens daily
  • Happy hens are our main priority
happy chicken
I go and see the hens every morning, wag my finger at them and ask ‘which one of you was up partying all night?’