Free-range eggs
from happy hens


welcome to strande farm...

...home to happier hens

Nestled away in the pretty village of Cookham, near Strand Water and set among lovely fields, sits Strande Farm. Here you'll find a very special group of hens who enjoy the freedom to roam during the day and can really enjoy life down on the farm. As well as running around and having fun, our hens produce the most mouth-watering eggs, full of flavour and goodness. So come on, give Strande Farm eggs a try!




Tell us how many fresh, great quality eggs you need and we'll come back to you with a price.



Samuel is a lovely owner who always makes sure we’re well looked after. From the spacious playing fields to the cosy hen house, we have a great life here!
— POLLY, hen
I love getting up and going to work in the morning because I know I’ll have wonderful time.
— sally, hen
Lots of hens I know spend all their time cooped up inside. That’s not for us – we get to run around as much as we want at Strande Farm!
— Maggie, hen



We'll strive to give our hens the best possible lives during their time with us – after all, they're feeding us delicious eggs, so it's only fair that we do our bit. And when their time with us is at an end, we promise to try to place them in a loving home so they can continue enjoying a wonderful life!

About Me

MY NAME IS samuel

I love being in the great outdoors – as evidenced by my two passions, farming and rugby. As a youngster I could be found on my family’s farm in Devon, working day and night with poultry and livestock – especially during the busy lambing season!

All of this was done alongside my university studies, while coaching a successful rugby team; when I finished my studies and went to work at a prestigious recycling company, I realised I couldn’t live an indoors lifestyle, cooped up in an office. I left work to setup Strande Farm.

I run my farm with a belief that chickens should be kept to high welfare standards, giving their lives extra enrichment. This care in animal welfare brings higher productivity, lower needs supplements and overall animal health benefits.